Wedding Cake Tasting Kit


Your wedding cake should be as sweet and unique as your love story! Start the planning process with a Custom Wedding Cake Tasting Kit. Each kit includes your choice of up to three flavors of cake, three custom fillings, and three frostings, with enough servings for three people. Your kit will come “deconstructed”, with each element packaged separately, allowing you to mix and match your flavors. The ultimate result? An extraordinary cake customized to your exact tastes and vision! Once you’ve enjoyed your Tasting Kit, you’ll be contacted by our Wedding Sales Manager to schedule a custom consultation to finalize your wedding reservation.

Each kit will include up to:

Nine standard size cupcakes (three of each of your three selections)

Nine 2-ounce containers of organic jam fillings (three of each of your three selections)

Nine 2-ounce containers of frosting (three of each of your three selections)

Three pre-rolled, luxury linen-feel napkins with full silverware sets

This is your opportunity to mix, match and sample a selection of cakes, fillings and frostings. Select up to three flavors in each category.

Orders are due by 11:59pm Saturday. Wedding kits are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, and vegan!



Why have a predictable cake when you can celebrate your wedding with a custom-made confection that uniquely fits your tastes and standards? We make the process simple, delicious and easy with our sampler kits. Browse the flavors from the menu above, select up to three in each category (cake, filling, frosting) and submit your order. Each kit contains enough servings for three people, perfect for you, your fiance and a bestie to join you for one “Forks up!” kind of night!