HOURS: 15-35 hours weekly
PAY: $8.50 to start; pay raises offered based on performance at 90-day review and annual review. Pay may also increase with addition of online retail order management duties.

• good observational skills to spot defective products
• patience to carry out repetitive tasks
• the ability to work quickly to meet production targets
• good teamworking skills and the ability to work on your own
• the ability to follow strict health and safety guidelines and quality procedures
• good standards of personal hygiene
• a willingness to work flexibly
• a keen eye for detail
• ability to lift up to 25 lbs
• ability to stand for long periods of time (stools and comfort mats provided)
• ability to perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time

This position is responsible for packaging finished food products for direct-to-customer sale, filling individual customer and wholesale orders, and providing support in baking and sanitation operations. The ideal candidate will be able to float between duties as required and demonstrate an eagerness to assist in all areas of the business as requested.

Packaging Duties Include:
• Assemble and label cartons
• Assemble and label product packaging
• Place all finished food products in packaging to ensure maximum freshness and quality.
• Mark all labels and cartons with relevant codes and dates to ensure quality control.
• Manual lifting, packing, sorting, taping
• Review invoices and prepare orders for delivery.
• Communicate needs directly with bakers to ensure adequate quantities to meet orders.
• Review all orders, verifying proper quantities, contents, case sizes etc.
• Prepare all necessary shelf signs and point of sale materials for delivery with cases.
• Maintain clean counters and floors to maintain sanitary work environment.
• Clean containers, materials, supplies, or work areas, using cleaning solutions.
• **Duties may expand into management of online retail orders as this sector of business grows.
• Other duties as assigned.
Sanitation Duties Include:
• Providing direct support to bakers to help keep baking activities flowing smoothly and rapidly.
• Washing and sanitizing all equipment, sheet pans, bowls, and utensils throughout baking cycle.
• Putting away all clean equipment and resetting work areas for next baking shift.
• Assist in emptying of all trash cans, recycling and composting.
• Assist in sweeping, mopping and general sanitation of bakery.
• Assist in cleaning of bathroom, sinks, tables etc to maintain strict standards of sanitation, health and safety.
• Assist in all daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning operations.
• Adhere to all company sanitation and production policies.
• Other duties as assigned.